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Dear friends, "National Park Mountaineering School Website" (the website below) absolutely respects your privacy and will do its utmost to protect it. To gain an understanding of how the website collects, uses and protects the personal information you provide, please carefully read the website's Privacy Policy. Here you find out about the data in the National Park Mountaineering School Website, how to use the website and our Privacy Policy.
If you have any suggestions or questions please email:tnp_ms@taroko.gov.tw

  • Scope of applicationThe Privacy Policy below applies to personal data collection, its use and protection when you use the website.
  • Personal data collection policyPlease note that bodies posting advertisements on the website or external links may also be able to collect your personal data. With respect to personal information that you have voluntarily provided, these bodies or websites have their own respective privacy policies and their handling of data is not subject to the website's Privacy Policy. The website will bear no joint responsibility. In addition to personal data that you provide voluntarily to the website, you might also leave personal data, like email address or name, on the message board. This data will not be protected by the Privacy Policy.
  • Aforementioned collected data use policyAll data that you did not provide voluntarily, for example, IP address, use time, browser and browsing and selection record, will only be used by the website for overall analysis of user behavior and not to analyze the use behavior of individuals.
  • Cookies use policyCookies are short pieces of information that are written on the user's hard drive through the browser by the server to differentiate the preferences of users. In "Advance" in Netscape's "Function Setting" or "Security'" in IE's "Internet items" you can change your Cookies acceptance setting. You can choose to accept all cookies, chose to be informed when cookies are created or refuse all cookies. If you choose to refuse all Cookies you will be unable to use some customized services or take part in some activities. For the following objectives and in the following situations, following this policy, the website will write and read cookies in the browsers:
    • (1) To calculate the numbers of browsers and the browsing mode to allow an understanding of the browsing situation to be acquired for use as reference in the improvement of the website's service.
  • The website will not sell, exchange, or lease out your personal data to any group or individual. In the following situations, the website will, following this policy, share your personal data with a third party.
    • (1) When it is necessary to share your details with a third party to provide you with other services or benefits, the website will provide a full explanation when the activity is carried out and inform you before the data is collected. You can choose to accept these services or discounts or not.
    • (2) When the legal authorities request access to certain personal data for public safety the website will provide necessary cooperation under the precondition that the correct, formal legal procedures are followed and the security of website users is ensured.
  • Self-protection measures Please take good care of your password and any personal data/ Don't give personal details, especially passwords to anyone else. When you complete the network applications, email reading and managed area function maintenance procedures, be sure to exit. If you use the PC with someone else please remember to close the browser to prevent others reading your personal data e-mail or entering the managed area of the unit the user belongs to.
  • Privacy Policy enquiries If you have any questions about the website's Privacy Policy, please contact us.
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