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The Mountaineering School does not simply teach “mountaineering skills education”, but must also broadly consider how outdoor education should be promoted in Taiwan. Consequently, we try to classify the requirements for outdoor education and then set objectives; we plan courses according to each objective, in order to achieve a twofold mission of comprehensive promotion and professional training. Outdoor education has five levels: environmental education, student training, instructor training, trainer training and international activities.

  • Environmental education aims to arouse students’ interest in outdoor activities and to establish proper concepts of safety through active and fun learning.
  • Student training is divided into beginner level and advanced level. With the training format consisting of mainly mountaineering activities, it aims to give students the proper knowledge and skills for outdoor activities, as well as the ability to plan and prepare themselves for guiding simple outdoor activities.
  • Instructors lead teams and help members to learn new skills and to grow; consequently instructor training is centred around the acquisition of specialized knowledge and skills, as well as practical leadership experience and skills through practical training.
  • Trainer training is for people with specialist training or special coaching skills; the focus is on the transition from having technical skills to becoming an educator.
  • The international activities are aimed at training talented people to engage in international activities (climbing).

The main courses currently offered by the School are environmental education and student training, as well as promoting the three frameworks of mountaineering, exploration and trails, providing students diverse, specialized options of systematic learning able to meet and further individual interests. As well as ultimately providing specialist training for students, another main aim of the course is to promote the concept of engaging in safe outdoor activities, to give students the awareness and ability to solve problems when engaged in outdoor activities, as well as to train teachers in the relevant areas. Additionally, the subjects are diverse in style, to provide students diverse options and to meet the actual needs of individuals, and have multiple applications.

National Park Mountaineering School Outdoor Education grading
Level  Item Objective Target participants Main content of courses
Level 1 Promoting Education Whether or not they are engaged in outdoor activities, citizens must be environmentally literate, and responsibly motivated; we hope that this experience will trigger an interest in nature. The ultimate objective is to integrate this into regular education. National junior high school and elementary school students, the general public. Overview of Taiwan’s natural and cultural resources, environmental history, environmental ethics, LNT
Level 2 Student Training Provide beginners with the proper basic concepts and skills for outdoor activities. Also training for interested people in overall skills; enabling them to plan and prepare themselves for guiding simple outdoor activities. People with a high level of interest in outdoor activities, people aspiring to work in outdoor-related activities, P.E. teachers Outdoor activity planning and advance management, equipment and food management, packaging, environmental ethics, LNT, beginner level risk management, map reading
Level 3 Instructor Training Enable a comprehensive knowledge of outdoor activities, skills and preparation, planning, first aid proficiency, as well as relevant field trips and team-leading experience People with a high level of interest in outdoor activities, people aspiring to work in outdoor-related activities, P.E. teachers Advanced level risk assessment and management, reading bodies of water, emergency rescue, EMT, professional training (depending on the field, mid-level mountains, high mountains, animal tracking, night observation, etc.)
Level 4 Trainer Training Training outdoor activity teachers and specialists, with knowledge, skills and experience beneficial to both student and teacher People aspiring to work in outdoor-related activities with considerable specialized proficiency in the outdoors Personal relations, project management, climatology, leadership, psychology, course planning, philosophy, specialized training in each area, such as relevant environmental education
Level 5 International Activities Training talented people to engage in international climbing People aspiring to engage in international activities, especially climbing overseas History of overseas expeditions, communicating in other languages, project planning management, managing emotions, writing, photography, data management, alpine medicine, basic ecology, understanding equipment quality and application, snow environment, ice climbing, ski skills, emergency coping processes
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