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School Headquarters:
Address:4 Tianxiang Road, Xioulin Township, Hualien County 97253, Taiwan, R.O.C. 172 km of Central Cross-Island Highway(Provincial Highway No. 8)  
(the original Lushui Service Station of Taroko National Park )
Introduction of Mountaineering School Headquarters
  • The indoors:
    The administration center of the school is located in the site of former Lushui Service Station. The center includes the headquarters office and the Auditorium - the main location for holding indoor activities. A dormitory for lecturers and students is located in the site of former Wenshan Police Station of National Park. The dorm can accommodate around 40 persons.
  • The outdoors:
    Lushui Free Camping Ground, Yanhai Logging Road, Lushui-Wenshan Trail, Lushui-Heliu Trail, Lianhua (Lotus) Pond - horse race-course - Heliu Trail, Liwu River are perfect sites for activities as wilderness exploration, rock climbing, and trail maintenance.
Lushui Headquarters and bases
  • Lushui headquarters
The headquarters is located at 172 km marker of Central Cross-Island Highway (Provincial Highway No. 8), including the Administration Office of School, the Auditorium, the Dorm, and Heliu Terraces Training Base, besides, Lushui Free Camping Ground and Heliu Camping ground are also nearby situated.
Lushui headquarters -School Headquarters
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Devices of the Headquarters The Administration Office, The Auditorium, The Dorm, Heliu Terraces Training Base
Road traffic Central Cross-Island Highway
Rivers nearby Liwu River
Camping site Lushui Free Camping Ground, Heliu Camping Group
  • Bases
The main activity fields are within the domain of Taroko National Park, including Heren located on the Su-hua Highway, Sanzhan nearby, Lushui headquarters located on the Central Cross-Island Highway, Lianhua Pond, Luoshao, Ci‘en, Mt. Hehuan, and various trails in the park.
School base and Activity field (within Taroko domains)
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Lushui Headquarters This is the administrative center of the school, in charge of communication and program planning. The auditorium of the headquarters is the main site for indoor activities.
Lianhua(Lotus) Pond Training Base A medium altitude training base. This base is suitable for various training activities like trekking, river tracing, and wilderness survival and camping.
Luoshao Training Base This base is specially developed for training specialists of trails maintenance.
Ci'en Training Base This base is suitable for various training activities like trekking and wilderness survival.
Mt. Hehuan Training Base Mt. Hehuan may serve as the high altitude training base for the school. This base is suitable for mountaineering and training in snow seasons, used as base camps in high mountains.
Heren Activity Field Natural rock climbing site, outdoor bouldering wall
Sanzhan River Activity Field River tracing training
Trail Activity Field Various kinds of trails for meeting the requirements of different mountaineering training
  • National Park Mountaineering School‧No.4, Tianxiang, Xiulin Township, Hualien County 972, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • National Park Mountaineering School Headquarters TEL:886-38691190‧FAX:886-3-8691190
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