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Organizing a mountaineering school has always been an important issue for the national mountaineering environment, and has also been a common point of concern and hope for the mountain community; although there have been many plans and preparations for a mountaineering school over the years, unfortunately, none of them were promoted formally or successfully. The alpine national parks should bear the responsibility for developing and promoting mountain safety education; with strong support from the Construction and Planning Agency, after six months of preparation and trial classes, the National Park Mountaineering School formally commenced operation in January 2010, a significant milestone in the developmental establishment of the national mountaineering environment.
Our Objectives
To integrate national mountaineering resources; to research and develop the major issues of the mountaineering environment and improve programmes; to rely on national and international mountaineering knowledge and experience; to give an inheritance, training, development and promotion through the school platform.
Our Goals
  • To promote the field of mountaineering and safety skills
  • To promote mountaineering ethics and environmentally-friendly mountaineering education
  • To push for environmentally-friendly ideas and methods for constructing mountain trails
  • To expand opportunities to explore the outdoors and experience nature
  • To carry out research, development and plans for the major issues of the mountaineering environment
  • With all levels of the school, organization/ group cooperate in the promotion of mountaineering education
Our Vision
  • To integrate the power of the government and the people to become the optimal entry point for all people to explore Taiwan’s mountains and ecology
  • To integrate relevant teaching and research materials to develop the content of Taiwan’s unique mountaineering course
  • To provide a perfect training environment to become the focal training base in the field of national mountaineering
  • To nurture mountaineering specialists who will together create a better mountaineering environment in Taiwan
  • National Park Mountaineering School‧No.4, Tianxiang, Xiulin Township, Hualien County 972, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • National Park Mountaineering School Headquarters TEL:886-38691190‧FAX:886-3-8691190
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