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Taiwan is a mountainous country with a total of 358 mountains over 3000 meters in height; these include the famous “Taiwan Baiyue” (Taiwan's Top 100 Peaks) mountains lauded by the mountaineering world. A total of 76 of these, just over three quarters of all Taiwan’s Baiyue, are located in three alpine national parks. If we also factor in the Forestry Bureau’s “nature reserves” and “protected zones”, etc. outside of the national parks, the ecology and cultural diversity of Taiwan’s mountainous regions are indeed a treasure of Taiwan.
Due to the rich ecology and beautiful landscape of the mountain forests, it attracts many mountain climbers; these mountain climbers are not only the strong and sturdy, but also those wanting to get back to nature and those wanting to enjoy a free, healthy and happy life surrounded by the abundant geographical landscapes and the ecological environment.
However, in the past, mountain safety and environmental education has been lacking in the Taiwanese education system. The risk and danger to human life from alpine weather and topographical changes have been somewhat overlooked. Further, the isolation of the alpine environment has produced unique life forms and ecosystems; compared with lower altitude regions, it has a higher and more fragile environmental sensitivity. Therefore, however intimate with nature the process of mountain climbing is, the mountaineering ethical ideology of “Leave No Trace Hiking” is more important.
The mountaineering school was established to promote mountain safety and environmental ethics; our school invites the best national mountaineering educators and outstanding national park volunteers from around the world to give lectures, in order to give mountain and forest enthusiasts correct “mountain safety” and “environmental ethics” ideas so they come closer to, love and protect the mountains and forests by sensing, experiencing, knowing and having feelings for the mountains and forests, becoming “mountain and forest guardians,” safeguarding Taiwan together.
The national parks are responsible for promoting environmental education for outdoor activities such as mountain climbing and to inspire people to love the earth. Our school was established not only to fulfill the function of national park environmental education, but also to establish the mountaineering ethics of Taiwan, to train up teachers and also to provide a learning platform of exchange with international mountaineering societies and to establish a vision for the mountains of Taiwan.
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